Cielle Tousignant Resume Reflection

Writing for Coding

When writing in terms of coding, some of the course objectives come to mind. One, is effective communication. Traditional writing is successful through elaboration, but often coding is most successful when it communicates effectively, often resulting from simple coding rather than elaborate code. This effective communication is used in the actual content of the text, but mostly in the design and layout of a site such as headings,fonts, and general themes. Think of what you would want as a viewer: simple, short sentences that get to a point. This effectively gets a point across, and then the CSS design is used to elaborate.

Another course objective that comes to mind when reflecting on this project is risk taking. Especially in CSS, risk taking is so much more prominent in coding than in traditional writing. Traditional writing tends to follow formats and layouts (intro paragraph, thesis statement, body, closing, etc.), but in CSS, there are endless amounts of designs. The writing could be so simple, and the design could speak more to a viewer. This means there are so many options in choosing a design; there is not right or wrong, but more how the coder wants the site and information to be perceived.

There are some similarities in writing for print and writing for the web. In both, there is a format including headings and body paragraphs that are not in traditional essay-style writing. Also in all forms of writing, and in coding, there is a message that needs to be conveyed, but how it is conveyed differs depending on the platform.

For example, when writing for web, it's important for it to be interactive.Links and photos are exclusive in web writing, which helps the reader interact, stay informed, and see visual examples of the content. Writing for print, tends to rely more on headings and content, with no interactive links. There are often pictures in print writing, but it is not as interactive as in web writing (there are no links to the photo, you cannot zoom in and out, etc.) This makes pring writing reliant on effectively conveying the message, whereas in web, there are other factors that can contribute to conveying the intended message.

Project and Progress

Just looking back at the beginning of the semester, I have progressed so much in coding. First and foremost, my comfort level is much higher than I was expecting. Honestly, I was content on the fact that I probably wasn't ever going to be comfortable coding. Through some successes and a lot of failures, I am now confident using Brackets. Compared to the beginning of the semester, one of the largest tells that I am comfortable is my risk-taking is I am making decisions and seeing if they work out, rather than hesitating to edit my site. I also got a lot more comfortable coding outside of class. At the beginning I wouldn't do a single step if I wasn't sure it was right, but now I like to play around with my code a little more and see what works and what doesn't.

I'm also learning more about my own personal design and who I am as a coder. First, I had to figure out what I wanted to convey in my resume and website. Once I settled for an organized, simple and modern look, I had to figure out how to express that. I used sans seif fonts, which tend to be more modern fonts. I also played off having white space, something I once was afraid to have too much of. I wanted my content to be simple and concise. I also chose to have prominent headers, so my viewers were able to distinguish my sections and effectively read my writing. My biggest design challenge was finding the right amount of color to use in my resume. There is a fine-line between fun and childish, and I wanted to make sure my site was not the latter. I tried to keep this balance by choosing natural and neutral tones such as grays and dark greens. They are crisp and aren't as boring as black and white can be, but they still weren't overwhelming and childish.

If I were to have more time and acquire more still in coding, I would have added small and simple graphics to my resume, possibly to represent my proficiency in programs such as Excel and Adobe applications. I also would have liked to change my list-style-type from a circle to a hexagon or another geometric shape. I would either alter the size of a picture that already exists, or I would have created my own. However, due to time and lack of resources, I wasn't able to do so.

Below is a comparison of my site before and after I took out color in the headings. I kept the same theme, however chose more white space, changed the layout to columns, and put a background pattern in.

screenshot of the first draft of my resume screenshot of the final draft of my resume